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Justice here. Today I was dragged to Costco by my meat-eating family (ugh). I HATE going to “supermarkets,” especially Costco. It’s so disgusting and deeply unsettling for me to go there and I was so sickened by all the animal corpses that I felt like I was in a graveyard. So I made this sign in protest for all the slaughtered animals who were indiscriminately hacked apart and put in unmarked graves. An employee told me to “stop” and “put my camera away” and I explained to him my message and what I was doing. He then said that no one who shops in Costco cares about my message. I was deeply saddened and even angry. No justice for animals, for the mindless killing, the slaughter, the corpses put on display. It’s sickening! How do people not care about animals? How can they cuddle their dog or cat and then sit down to eat a pig or a chicken? I’ll never regret going vegan no matter how much my meat-loving family frowns on me and says I am using veganism as an excuse for my eating disorder. It is not an excuse. I care about animals, animal rights, the environment, and my own bodily health too much too be faking my activism to mask my eating disorder which I am working to recover from. I hope all of you out there will never be afraid to take your activism to the public. Get loud. Get attention. Shake up the status quo. And GO VEGAN!

*I took the pictures using self timer by using a baking rack on wheels. The employee threatened to throw me out for “disruption” because I was touching and using property that did not belong to me. I do not care. the suffering of animals is more important than some dumb baker’s rack. I had to make my cousin take the last picture of me.

R.I.P. my animal brothers and sisters. 

I thought for sure this was someone trolling but jesus fucking christ look at his blog


It’s posts like these that make me want to remind people that humans are naturally omnivorous. Meaning, we are built to eat meat along with plants. That’s what those little pointy canine teeth were originally for. (Not knocking vegetarians/vegans or anything, go ahead and eat what you want. I have no actual problem with it.) And come on, other animals eat each other every day and leave the half-eaten corpses to rot in the sun. It’s going to happen whether we put them in our fridges or not.

Also, it makes me want to break out into a bad rendition of Circle of Life for some reason.

…Transfat activist…


Sotp everything

Towards the end of my first year of college, a lot of the vegans and vegetarians on campus managed to convince my dining hall to stop serving meat for every meal save dinner. The only food with meat was greasy burgers or pepperoni pizza. 

For my entire last semester, with the addition of the wear and tear of finals week, I had to subsist off of a vegetarian diet. My body, personally, cannot handle this. I lost 15 pounds and lost my appetite entirely. I was under 100 pounds (about 98lbs) and barely could get out of bed.

So if you want to be vegetarian or vegan, that’s entirely fine! In fact, I have very strong concerns about how animals are treated on farms and what have you; when it comes to the rights of the animals that are slaughtered, I’m very uncomfortable with their treatment. If I had the money and time to always hunt or raise my own meat, I would. However, I can’t. So if I need to eat meat because my body needs it and I am otherwise extremely unhealthy without it, condemning my needs and decisions simply because you consider yourself better than others due to your viewpoints and choices and opinions, then please, kindly fuck off. 

Today I was dragged to Schnucks by my veggie-eating family (ugh). I HATE going to “supermarkets,” especially Schnucks. It’s so disgusting and deeply unsettling for me to go there and I was so sickened by all the plant-corpses that I felt like I was in a graveyard. So I made this sign in protest for all the slaughtered plants and vegetables who were indiscriminately hacked apart and put in unmarked graves.

A banana that died separated from its familyCabbage that was mercilessly sliced and diced for your saladHere's one for all you infanticides out there.

Those poor fruits and vegetables!

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    Being an asshole in public because of your derp ass internet opinions isn’t justice
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